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1st December 2014

CRS CraneSystems Inc would like to announce that effective from the 1st December 2014, CRS have a change in Partnership structure.

Nigel Roots (Sales and Company President) and Rick Semeniuk (Controller) will be retiring from CRS and Regimen Equity Partners will assume the role of majority shareholders and partner with the remaining owners Jim Caldwell and Mark Lodge who equally retain the remaining shares and their positions on the board of Directors.

Jim and Mark remain with CRS in the daily operations, Jim will assume the role of Company President with Mark remaining as Managing Director.

Nigel and Rick will remain with the company for a handover period and thereafter act as consultants from time to time.

Nigel’s role will be handed over to Jim Caldwell with Barry Cowling continuing in his role as Sales Manager but with greater autonomy to make day to day decisions.

After lengthy discussion with the various interested parties, CRS owners chose to partner with Regimen for the following reasons;

Regimen is a private equity business whose owners have a strong record in supporting and growing Canadian businesses.

Regimen operates based upon long term ownership with outlooks over a 30 years period, which promotes sensible and sustainable growth.

Regimen are not involved in the day to day operations which remain with the CRS management team.

Regimen have ambitions that match Jim and Marks wish to grow CRS through both organic (internal growth) and by the acquisition of other companies.

Regimen provide the expertise and capital resources to fund our future plans.

Regimen personalities and ethics matched those of CRS as a company.
The Partnership with Regimen affords CRS the opportunity to capitalise on its success to date and provides the expertise and financial resources to undertake our expansion plans both in our Canadian and US markets. This also provide our employees and customers with the knowledge that there is long term stability in the ownership of the company.

If you have any questions please contact any of the following;

Jim Caldwell President Vancouver Office
Mark Lodge Managing Director Edmonton Office.
Barry Cowling Sales Manager Vancouver Office

Many thanks

Jim Caldwell and Mark Lodge

CRS Ebay site.

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We have many obsolete and discontinued OEM parts on our shelves that are no longer used on current cranes models, but are still useful parts for those older overhead cranes that are still operating. We are now offering these discontinued and hard to find items at significantly discounted prices, with new items being added on a regular basis.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact us as we have thousands of rare and hard to find/discontinued items in stock, ready for immediate shipment. Feel free to add us to your favorite seller’s list.

Check out our site and don’t hesitate to ask if there is something you’re looking for that you don’t see.

Sometimes smaller Cranes are needed.

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Sometimes a client doesn’t need a large crane, but something smaller. Here’s a few photos of locations where we have installed some smaller capacity cranes.

Busy in the New Year

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Shop Oct 28 2014

Just of few of the over 250 cranes on the order book for 2015, with more coming in weekly.

Our Service department continues its impressive growth and our Technician base is not only growing but growing with experienced crane technicians. And we are always looking for more. Check out our employment opportunities to see what’s available.

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Congratulations to Melanie Gleason, who recently became the Business Development representative for all of Alberta.

If you are looking for someone to talk to about providing service, inspections, training, or other services for your overhead cranes, give her a call. You can contact her, or any of our other CRS representatives here via the phone number or email on our Contact Us page.

Hear that? Opportunity is knocking!

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Check out our updated Employment listings for new career opportunities.

Check out our Employment section. We are always looking for qualified overhead crane Technicians.

At a clients facility.

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Melanie Gleason, our Alberta Northern Area Business Development representative, snapped this picture of one of our cranes while visiting a client of ours.

Are you looking for a company to do inspections or service calls for your overhead cranes? You can contact her via our ‘contact us’ page on our website and she will be more than happy to discuss how we can work with you to keep your overhead cranes running smoothly.

Inside the Paint Shop

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Inside the paint shop

Looking down inside the Paint Shop as units are undergoing final touches.

Data book issues resolved.

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The download link is up and running again. Thanks for your patience.