Victoria Day Long Weekend Monday May 23

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A reminder that Monday is a holiday for Victoria Day, and our offices will be closed, returning to normal business hours on Tuesday the 24th.

Emergency calls for service will still be available of course.

We hope everyone has a safe and relaxing holiday!


Have took kit; will travel

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Its #traveltuesday today, so here’s a couple of pictures from one of our technicians taken while on location at an install at a mine in lovely Mexico. Its a tough job, but someone has to make those sacrifices..




All packed up and ready for the long trip

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Here’s a set of jib cranes recently completed and about to make the long journey to a mine in South America.



Top of the Rockies.

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These are a couple of pictures from one of our technicians, Iain. One is a great shot of one of our units at a mine in Northern BC in the middle of the Rockies.

The other two are doing a load test on a 10T and 50T cranes at another BC mine.

Our Techs get around!

On the road

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Service call at a hydro station on the Columbia River. The life of a CRS Technician on the road when the weather like this makes the career even better!

CRS receives new contract with AltaSteel

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CRS receives new contract with AltaSteel

By Krysta Martell, Sherwood Park News

Monday, April 11, 2016 2:46:57 MDT PM

Strathcona County’s AltaSteel has a new overhead gantry crane courtesy of CRS CraneSystems.

On March 21, AltaSteel held a function where they awarded a contract to CRS Crane Systems of Strathcona County for the $1.5-million crane.

The new crane is being installed to allow AltaSteel to increase reinforcing bar production capability at their steel manufacturing facility on 34 Street in Edmonton.

“Our mindset of supporting local businesses and the community led to our discovery of CRS Crane Systems as a suitable supplier of the new rebar crane for our mill, and led to an invitation to quote,” said Mark Seidel, director of engineering for AltaSteel.

“One of CRS’ value propositions when reviewing alternate offers was their regional presence — local support, an openness in sharing their manufacturing process with us, and their ability to service the crane post installation.”

Mark Lodge of CRS Crane Systems said the decision by AltaSteel not only supports local business during difficult economic times, but also provides longer-term opportunities for CRS Crane Systems to support AltaSteel.

Geoff Clinton, vice-president of sales and marketing for AltaSteel noted he was pleased when Seidel advised him of his decision to buy the crane locally.

“We are actively promoting to the Canadian construction industry the significance of buying Canadian Steel, and it is important that we show a similar behaviour towards our suppliers,” he said.

County Mayor Roxanne Carr said it was pleasing to see an investment in manufacturing capability during these times of economic uncertainty.

Sherwood Park MLA Annie McKitrick also expressed her support for the project and the hope that, in turn, it leads to further domestic support for AltaSteel’s products.

AltaSteel has been operating in Strathcona County since 1955, and has the ability to supply 100,000 tons per year of reinforcing bar for western Canadian markets.

Happy Easter

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CRS CraneSystems offices will be closed Friday, March 25 for the Easter Holiday, reopening as normal on Monday March 28.

We wish everyone to have a safe and joyful long weekend!

Announcement: CRS continues to grow !

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We are pleased to announce that CRS have purchased a majority share in Cranemaster Overhead Consultancy Inc (Cranemaster). This purchase is effective from 1st March 2016 and has been made to compliment CRS’s portfolio and increase the sales opportunities for both companies.

Cranemasters have gained a strong reputation for their training programs and professionalism and with their new online training we felt that this was a good opportunity for both businesses and has the ability to develop, not only through our existing locations, but across Canada.

Rick Sikora will continue to run Cranemasters as our partner and although under the CRS umbrella, Cranemasters will continue to operate as a financially independent business.

This is the first of a number of acquisitions we plan to make as part of the development of CRS and we are actively working with Regimen on a number of larger opportunities within Ontario area and the USA. Exciting times ahead!

Please welcome the Cranemaster Team to the CRS Family.

37 m (122 ft) span crane on it’s way.

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Recently this large span crane was loaded and trucked to a customer in Alberta. Does your facility have a requirement for something similar? Give our staff a call and see how we can help you with your overhead lifting requirements.


Happy New Year

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We at CRS CraneSystems wish everyone a safe and prosperous New Years, and all the best for everyone for 2016.