Announcement: CRS continues to grow !

Announcement: CRS continues to grow !

On March 3rd, 2016, posted in: News by

We are pleased to announce that CRS have purchased a majority share in Cranemaster Overhead Consultancy Inc (Cranemaster). This purchase is effective from 1st March 2016 and has been made to compliment CRS’s portfolio and increase the sales opportunities for both companies.

Cranemasters have gained a strong reputation for their training programs and professionalism and with their new online training we felt that this was a good opportunity for both businesses and has the ability to develop, not only through our existing locations, but across Canada.

Rick Sikora will continue to run Cranemasters as our partner and although under the CRS umbrella, Cranemasters will continue to operate as a financially independent business.

This is the first of a number of acquisitions we plan to make as part of the development of CRS and we are actively working with Regimen on a number of larger opportunities within Ontario area and the USA. Exciting times ahead!

Please welcome the Cranemaster Team to the CRS Family.

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