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CRS CRANESYSTEMS IS PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE THAT THEY ARE NOW A DISTRIBUTOR FOR ANVIL ATTACHMENTS   Anvil is a manufacturer of a large variety of buckets and grapples of all sizes for a wide variety of industries including Wood/paper mills, steel mills and recycling sites, waste to energy sites, as well as coal and petroleum […]

Help Support our Front Line Workers!

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Show Your Support For Our Frontline Workers with a car flag! 100% of net proceeds will be supporting the Food Bank of Canada!       For the low sum of $20.00, show your support. If you would like to see your own logo on it, contact us and we will make that happen. Request […]

Another project successfully completed

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This was two cranes, a 50T and a 7.5T  both with 68 foot spans and 50 foot runway that we just completed, shipped and installed at the customers facility in Alaska.    

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Face masks and gloves.  This is how our service technicians will come out to your location and work on your overhead cranes to make sure you can continue your operations mechanically and that your staff’s wellbeing is also part of our preview. So if you have a breakdown, or need an inspection, we are open and […]

CRS Service Departments are still open and ready to work on your overhead cranes for inspections, breakdowns, parts or other maintenance work that you require We have protocols in place to protect both your and our staff to keep any exposure to the COVID19 Virus to a minimum. More than ever it’s essential to keep […]

A couple of big units on the go

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One of the projects on the go at the moment in our shops are these two overhead crane units; one a 50 Tonne and the other a 100Tonne.  Once completed they will be on there way to the end user.