Canada Day Holiday July 1st

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A reminder that our offices will be closed for Canada Day, Wednesday July 1st and reopening on Thursday July 2.




CRS CraneSystems Auto Hoist Services

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Proud to be an Associate Member of the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) National Bureau of Standards. 

Why Certified Inspectors are Important

When you have an ALI Certified Lift Inspector working for you, you are getting the peace of mind knowing that your lifts are being inspected by a true professional.

ALI Certified Lift Inspectors:

  • Have been independently tested and certified by ALI as qualified to inspect any vehicle lift, regardless of manufacturer, brand, model, type, age or location.
  • Have passed two rigorous exams covering electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic principles, as well as basic automotive lift design and use. The exams are administered by an independent testing agency.
  • Have properly completed 12 practical experience inspections using ALI-approved inspection procedures and forms.
  • Follow industry standard lift inspection processes and use standardized lift inspection documentation to ensure that every lift receives a consistently thorough inspection.
  • Have signed the ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program Participant Code of Ethics .
  • Are employees of firms that have signed the ALI Lift Inspector Certification Program Inspector Code of Ethics .
  • Can apply serialized ALI Certified Lift Inspection Program labels to every lift they inspect. Labels provide code enforcement officials with instant proof of the last time a lift was professionally inspected. Each label includes the year of inspection and the individual inspector’s unique ID number.
  • Are eligible for Associate Class Membership in ALI. Associate Class Members receive ongoing lift inspection training.

We can meet any lifting requirement with our heavy- and light-duty vehicle lifts, wheel service equipment, and lift accessories. We offer a complete range of services from sales, parts, and maintenance to warranties, inspections, and training

To get a quote for your automotive lift service or parts, contact

Dean Hamby, CRS Automotive Equipment Sales & Service


Doing a test run of a 135T hoist

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This is a recent video where we are doing a test run of a 135T of an R&M hoist for a unit that was recently shipped to a facility in Ontario.


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Anvil is a manufacturer of a large variety of buckets and grapples of all sizes for a wide variety of industries including Wood/paper mills, steel mills and recycling sites, waste to energy sites, as well as coal and petroleum grabs.  Plus they also do repairs/rebuilds of existing grabs/buckets.






Help Support our Front Line Workers!

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Show Your Support For Our Frontline Workers with a car flag!

100% of net proceeds will be supporting the Food Bank of Canada!




For the low sum of $20.00, show your support. If you would like to see your own logo on it, contact us and we will make that happen.

Request your order or questions at

If you wish to donate to the food bank directly, visit

Thank you for your support and consideration #CanadaStrong


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Another project successfully completed

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This was two cranes, a 50T and a 7.5T  both with 68 foot spans and 50 foot runway that we just completed, shipped and installed at the customers facility in Alaska.



Give your area representative a call and see what discounts we can offer you.


Face masks and gloves.  This is how our service technicians will come out to your location and work on your overhead cranes to make sure you can continue your operations mechanically and that your staff’s wellbeing is also part of our preview.

So if you have a breakdown, or need an inspection, we are open and ready to bring our expertise to you location

CRS Service Departments are still open and ready to work on your overhead cranes for inspections, breakdowns, parts or other maintenance work that you require

We have protocols in place to protect both your and our staff to keep any exposure to the COVID19 Virus to a minimum.

More than ever it’s essential to keep your cranes up and running so contact us to ensure you continue to be productive

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