Work Station Cranes

Workplace Safety has become a major consideration in recent years as more employers recognize the high cost of work related injuries.

CRS CraneSystems offer a wide variety of standard or custom designed work stations ranging in capacity from 50lbs (23kg) through to 4,400lbs (2,000kg) and in spans up to 33ft. (10m). These systems combine the effectiveness of a stationary hoist with the mobility of an overhead traveling crane. The travel can be manually operated or motorized with pushbutton pendant controls.

Features and benefits that should be considered:

  • With its modular design, the system can be easily tailored to provide the most cost-effective solution for the end-users specific application.
  • A wide range of suspension designs are available, permitting installation in many different conditions under which one would have not previously thought possible.
  • Future expansion in both capacity and area coverage is often a simple matter of adding inter-changeable componentry to the existing system to increase length or width.
  • Erection is simplified by reducing the number of parts required and the fact that no special tools are required, thus saving time and helping to prevent errors – making it easy for customers to install their own systems.
  • CRS supply special multi-pin connectors for all electrical connections making the electrical installation is quick and fail-safe.
  • Technically advanced polyurethane trolley and bridge wheels results in a quiet and almost effortless operation.

If your employees are handling loads in excess of 50lbs (23kg) on a regular basis, you should consider a CRS work station crane system